Communities of Practice

“Communities of Practice Towards Social Change”, a book by the European Cultural Foundation

Between 2014 and 2017 as Platoniq / Goteo we have been part of the Connected Action for the... Llegir més
UOF meeting


INDUSTRY 4.0   “Industry 4.0” is everywhere. The buzzword, omnipresent in policy, industry, design and academia worlds just to name a few, refers to the “fourth industrial revolution”: the radical digital transformation in and of production systems. Whilst we invite you to check out... Llegir més
Moving Communities STEP 1

Moving Communities, Ideacamp 2017

With its focus on “Moving Communities”, the 2017 Idea Camp followed an open call for daring ideas to build societies with greater equality, sustainability and solidarity, and a stronger sense of social justice. It is about communities on the move, communities in flux and also the power of people to “move” their communities through their progressive and creative ideas. The 2017 Idea... Llegir més
La Comunificadora

La Comunificadora. Programa d’impuls per a projectes d’economia col·laborativa

La Comunificadora és un Programa de Barcelona Activa per impulsar projectes d’economia col·laborativa a través de formació, assessorament i orientació per aconseguir finançament. Apostem... Llegir més
IdeaCamp17 call is open! Moving Communities!

#CallForIdeas: Oberta la convocatòria per presentar idees a Idea Camp 2017: Moving Communities

Vivim i treballem en ecosistemes cada vegada més complexos. A tota Europa i als països veïns... Llegir més
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