Platoniq Lab is an online research platform born from the experiences with the Bank of Common Knowledge project (BCK). This platform gathers our research lines, texts about our methodologies and practical examples, such as games and significant projects created by other actors who are close to Platoniq's philosophy and practice. Basically, Platoniq Lab contents and services want to spread alternatives able to apply the working methods of the Internet and P2P to several environments such as education, heritage, economics and social innovation.
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Cultural Innovation

Contributors: Platoniq


Platoniq is an organization where culture managers and software developers interact. The association of Culture and ICTs is our main driving force to create innovation.

Methodologies and tools

1- Unconventional public formats and participation dynamics to enhance co-creation and learning.
2- Mapping and displaying processes: from personal networks to abilities and interests networks.
3- Digital tools to gather new ideas, problems and solutions, drawning them from citizens and/or members from one or several organizations. Applications for collective decission making and voting, suitable for events.
4- Unconventional public formats and participation dynamics to enhance co-creation and learning.
5- Methodologies and practical research adapted to local needs.
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#Learnbyfunding Workshop: the power of the crowd

Contributors: Platoniq

Our #Learnbyfunding Workshop offers theoretical and practical information about the different kinds of collective financing available, helping participants in a dynamic and practical way to get a handle on crowdfunding as a strategy both for financing their projects as well as promoting and generating community. More than 50 workshops allready and the 2 years experience of running a successful platform like Goteo nos avalan!
BCK NOW 2008

Markets of Ideas

We organize markets of ideas and knowledge exchanges adapted to different (public or private) environments. Such is the case of the innovative experiences lived in secondary schools from Seville and in several NGOs from Yogyakarta (Indonesia); or Ideazoka, the market of ideas addressed to cooperatives produced in collaboration with the University of Mondragon (Basque Country); or the participation and entrepreneurship dynamics applied to Catalan Senior Centers; or the creation of urban labs in collaboration with CitiLab-Cornellà... All of them are radically complementary ecosystems sharing a single value: the productive commons.
Social Tagging


We show and teach the benefits of social networks and distributed new technologies in intensive work sessions, using computers or whithout them. Flashes and workshops where many of the games and methologies described in YOUCOOP are carried out in several organizations and institutions thanks to our adaptation to every context.
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Goteo. Monedas de 5 gotas

El proceso de decidir a qué proyecto o proyectos se destinará el total de las cuotas de inscripción del taller nos pondrá en la tesitura de pensar y compartir con el resto los criterios que impulsan a donar dinero a un proyecto y no a otro.