Markets of Ideas

BCK NOW 2008
We organize markets of ideas and knowledge exchanges adapted to different (public or private) environments. Such is the case of the innovative experiences lived in secondary schools from Seville and in several NGOs from Yogyakarta (Indonesia); or Ideazoka, the market of ideas addressed to cooperatives produced in collaboration with the University of Mondragon (Basque Country); or the participation and entrepreneurship dynamics applied to Catalan Senior Centers; or the creation of urban labs in collaboration with CitiLab-Cornellà... All of them are radically complementary ecosystems sharing a single value: the productive commons.
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BCK NOW 2008

Desde el 2006, Platoniq ha desarrollado Mercados de Intercambio de Conocimientos en Barcelona, Girona, Cambridge, Casablanca, Lisboa, Linz, Berlín, además de presentar su metodología en ciudades como Londres, Dublín, Manchester, Ciudad de México, Singapur, Yogyakarta o Hong Kong.