Actors and collectives related with Platoniq's philosophy and practice who collaborated or are still collaborating with us. Thanks to Contributors, Youcoop's ecosystem is sustainable and its field of action is always full of new ideas.
Designing for Civil Society

Designing for Civil Society

Published on 12/01/2008 - Contributors

Co-LearningCommunities / NetworksICTsAnalogies of digital

Participate in: Learning Games, The Social Media Game

Designing for Civil Society is an organization created by David Wilcox and Drew Mackie, who work together in the production of projects and community involvement since 1980, always engaged in the development of games and ludic... Read more
BCK Seville

Teemu Leinonen

Published on 12/01/2008 - Contributors

Communities / NetworksTecnology reappropiationICTs

Participate in: MobilEDUCATION

Teemu Leinonen (born in 1969) has worked in research and development of online education for more than a decade. His areas of interest and his expertise include issues such as design applied to teaching, computerbased collective learning, online cooperation, design of software for learning, educational planning and policies... Since 1998, Teemu... Read more


Published on 12/01/2008 - Contributors

P2P economyTecnology reappropiationICTsAnalogies of digital

Participate in: Venture Communism, P2P versus Web 2.0 - Network Economics: The Game

The Telekommunisten group was founded on May 1st 2006. It aims to put venture communism into practice. Based on the premise that Politics power is an extension of Economics power, venture communism says that workers in the world will not be able to cope with the problems imposed by capitalism and the corporation’s rules,... Read more

!Mediengruppe Bitnik

Published on 12/03/2008 - Contributors

Participate in: ---

!Mediengruppe Bitnik is a multimedia group devoted to the production of cultural projects. Their main interest is researching into analogical and digital technologies and the impact they have on society. This investigation work is carried out through art exhibitions, interventions in public space and the development of social software and interfaces. All of this addressing to create a space for social and cultural action and cooperation.  Read more


Published on 01/22/2009 - Contributors

Participate in: ---

Created by Telekommunisten, Dialstation is a server that offers international calls at a very economical price enabling cheap international telephone calls from any phone, whether mobile or land phones. It includes an user-generated voucher system that allows any user to transfer credits to any other user and create their own initiatives. Dialstation offers a cheap and conviniet calls service, independent from any telephone company. It does not need any special software. Dialstation is meant to be used throughout the world with a national... Read more
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The aim of the Europeana Creative Design Challenge is to engage designers, artists, developers and entrepreneurs to explore and experiment with with cultural heritage content available in Europeana. We challenge ingenious minds and makers to rethink and redesign our common culture, and produce innovative and novel interpretations that make use of digital cultural content and data sourced from Europeana.

The challenge opened on the 30th October 2014 and online submissions are welcome until 15th January, 2015