Actors and collectives related with Platoniq's philosophy and practice who collaborated or are still collaborating with us. Thanks to Contributors, Youcoop's ecosystem is sustainable and its field of action is always full of new ideas.
Michael Linton

Michael Linton

Published on 12/01/2008 - Contributors

Co-Learning, P2P economy

Participate in: LETSystems and Open Money

Graduated in Engineering and systems, an active advocate, developer and researcher of community currencies since 1982, when he designed and implemented the first LETSystems in Canada. Today Michael is a systems developer who mainly works in open money and projects such as community way that are designed to fund themselves with their own production. In addition to this survey requested by Platoniq, Michael Linton dedicated one of the Open Money podcasts to answer live our questions about LETSplay and offered his vision on the... Read more
Sclipo Live Cam


Published on 12/01/2008 - Contributors

Co-Learning, Communities / Networks, ICTs

Participate in: Informal Web-Based Education

A group of professionals from different fields and nationalities: Alistair, Carlos, David, Gregor, Jordi, Marc, Miki, Oriol, Pau, Pilar, gathered together in Barcelona to create this social network designed to share (teach / learn) knowledge by using videos and webcams. Sclipo gives you the opportunity to upload as much videos as you want (tutorials, lectures, how-to, etc.) and share them through their "academies" with friends, family and people around the world. It also has an application that... Read more
Designing for Civil Society

Designing for Civil Society

Published on 12/01/2008 - Contributors

Co-Learning, Communities / Networks, ICTs, Analogies of digital

Participate in: The Social Media Game, Learning Games

Designing for Civil Society is an organization created by David Wilcox and Drew Mackie, who work together in the production of projects and community involvement since 1980, always engaged in the development of games and ludic seminars and workshops. Drew Mackie is an architect and David Wilcox is a journalist who in the last decade has been fully devoted to social and... Read more
Michael Linton

Open Money

Published on 01/21/2009 - Contributors

Co-Learning, P2P economy

Participate in: LETSystems and Open Money

Open Money is a project in progress, a continuation of LETSystems after 20 years of its developing, consisting of two projects of community systems in Canada and the Open Money project in Japan. We find an educational initiative focused on understanding the theory of Open Money: LETSplay, a game that helps you to understand everything you need to know about money. A collaborative game without winners or losers. Read more
"Samedies, Femmes et Logiciels Libres"


Published on 01/13/2009 - Contributors

Co-Learning, Communities / Networks, Tecnology reappropiation, Analogies of digital

Participate in: Aprendizaje y uso de software libre por y para mujeres, Legal Performance

Constant is a group of artists based in Brussels. They link theoretical thinking, critical use of new technologies, artistic behaviour and political debate on the Internet, while they also organize workshops, conferences and exhibitions in public spaces. The main issues they deal with are: open software and open licenses, gender issues, issues concerning Copyleft (and copyright), as well as new ways of sharing new media’s knowledge. Read more
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