Yuwei Lin

Published on 01/13/2009 - Contributors

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Taiwanese researcher. In 2000, she joined the Unit for Studies in Science and Technology at the Department of Sociology at the University of York. She began his PhD project entitled "Hacking Practices and Software Development: A Social Worlds Analysis of ICT Innovation and the Role of Open Source Software", which she finished in 2004.

Her current research interests focus on open software and open source studies (FLOSS); science and technology studies (STS); virtual communities (related to e-collaboration, e-learning and e-society); usability; digital culture (especially, when linked to hacker culture), and cultural, social and technical dynamics within innovation community systems.

Other research interests focus on gender issues within ICT, the digital divide and location of ICTs, innovation and knowledge dynamics.

Besides her academic work, Lin is currently working with Linux Magazine on topics related to open source software.
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