Published on 01/13/2009 - Contributors

Co-Learning, Communities / Networks, Tecnology reappropiation, Analogies of digital, Collective learning, Networks creation, Networking, Open software, Communication tools

Participate in: Aprendizaje y uso de software libre por y para mujeres, Legal Performance

"Samedies, Femmes et Logiciels Libres"
Constant is a group of artists based in Brussels. They link theoretical thinking, critical use of new technologies, artistic behaviour and political debate on the Internet, while they also organize workshops, conferences and exhibitions in public spaces. The main issues they deal with are: open software and open licenses, gender issues, issues concerning Copyleft (and copyright), as well as new ways of sharing new media’s knowledge.
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"Samedies, Femmes et Logiciels Libres"

Pensados al principio como auto-formación de mujeres por mujeres, como creación de una red, los talleres-encuentros "Sábados, mujeres y softwares libres" son una serie de encuentros que tienen lugar un sábado cada 6 semanas organizados alrededor de la construcción, de la instalación y del mantenimiento de un SERVIDOR. Transferencia e intercambios de competencias técnicas sobre software libre.