Michael Linton

Published on 12/01/2008 - Contributors

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Michael Linton
Graduated in Engineering and systems, an active advocate, developer and researcher of community currencies since 1982, when he designed and implemented the first LETSystems in Canada. Today Michael is a systems developer who mainly works in open money and projects such as community way that are designed to fund themselves with their own production.

In addition to this survey requested by Platoniq, Michael Linton dedicated one of the Open Money podcasts to answer live our questions about LETSplay and offered his vision on the reality of community currency systems at present. The podcast is available here.
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Open Money Podcast

Michael Linton, creador del mítico banco de tiempo LETSystems en los años 80, dedica uno de sus podcasts a contestar en directo a las preguntas de Platoniq sobre la realidad de los sistemas de monedas alternativas en la actualidad.