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The Telekommunisten group was founded on May 1st 2006. It aims to put venture communism into practice.

Based on the premise that Politics power is an extension of Economics power, venture communism says that workers in the world will not be able to cope with the problems imposed by capitalism and the corporation’s rules, unless they first produce and share in a different way, leaving the task force under a community shared production, thereby reducing the extraction of added value. Thus, workers should share their labor’s fruits instead or their task force.

In May 2007, Telekommunisten launches its first project, Dialstation, with an Initial Public Offer, aiming to expand its operations and give investors the opportunity to become workers-owners and take part in Economics and Politics expansion.
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Dmytri Kleiner: Dialstation

Cápsula grabada durante el Mercado de Intercambio de Conocimientos Libres, Barcelona 2008. Organizado por Platoniq.