Published on 12/01/2008 - Contributors

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Sclipo Live Cam
A group of professionals from different fields and nationalities: Alistair, Carlos, David, Gregor, Jordi, Marc, Miki, Oriol, Pau, Pilar, gathered together in Barcelona to create this social network designed to share (teach / learn) knowledge by using videos and webcams.

Sclipo gives you the opportunity to upload as much videos as you want (tutorials, lectures, how-to, etc.) and share them through their "academies" with friends, family and people around the world. It also has an application that allows live individual classes using a web-cam, and charge for them. A YouTube with a useful background that allows you to show the world your personal skills and teach them to whom wants to learn.
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Sclipo Live Cam

Plataforma de educación online que quiere convertirse en el mejor servicio para que puedan trabajar juntos profesores y alumnos a nivel mundial, primando por encima de todo el servicio que ofrecen a sus usuarios.