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Published on 03/29/2016 - Digital Heritage

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Charles Dickens is my name I'm @Europeanaeu
From Asta Nielsen to Zoroaster, there are lots of famous faces from history in Europeana. Old, young, familiar or sometimes even forgotten. But who inspires you, and why?

We want you to tell us, from today, in any language you like, who your cultural hero or heroine in Europeana is and why you picked them using ‘I am @Europeanaeu’ and the hashtag #AllezCulture! We hope this initiative will enhance people’s awareness of Europeana and increase the interest of funders, thereby contributing to our sustainability.

When you’ve picked your heroine or hero, you could illustrate it with a portrait, your favourite of their works, a video or an audio clip. If you’re feeling creative, why not make a GIF or a collage? Just make sure you include the link to where you found the items you’ve used in Europeana so others can enjoy them too!

It’s easy to get involved. When you tweet a link to an item from Europeana Collections, a Twitter card will be created automatically. This gives your followers a preview of the object.

An example of a tweet with a Twitter card

We ask you to respect that some items cannot be shared on social media - please make sure your chosen item is suitable for re-use by checking the copyright information the cultural institution has provided with it in the right hand column on every item page (see below).

You can also make things even easier for yourself by using our ‘Can I use it?’ filter on the left hand side of any results page, and selecting ‘Yes with attribution’. This option means you’ll only get results that are suitable for downloading and sharing on social media.

If you’re looking to download items to share and remix, there’s a useful shortcut on hand to help! The filter ‘Only items with direct links to media’ will ensure you find items available to download directly from Europeana.  

We hope you will join in and find your hero or heroine in Europeana. #AllezCulture!

* If you’d like to know more about what the different rights statements you encounter in Europeana mean, we’ve explained them here.
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Charles Dickens is my name I'm @Europeanaeu

I may be heroe of many yet a master like few, the "Boz", Charles Dickens is my name I'm @Europeanaeu #AllezCulture