Learning from history to co-create our future

Let's build apps and 3d prototypes, reusing Public domain arts and history collections! Platoniq, a Europeana Labs associate, developed a Co-creation methodology in collaboration with the Europeana Foundation to promote the reuse of European cultural heritage resources by makers communities. Our practical sessions have been adapted using various techniques and principles from creative thinking, rapid prototyping and agile development.

Starting the Evaluation of eCreative Pilots

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Contributors: Platoniq

Now that some of the pilots under development have gone through the different phases of co-creation, identification of requirements, visual design, connection with Europeana content and different levels of basic performance, it is time to begin the prototype evaluation, especially in relation to usability and user experience. We will be assessing the learning materials created for Historiana in the History Education Pilot, as well as the two games related to natural history content, which have specific target audiences in the educational sector. One of the critical aspects of any interface is the way end users interact with it (in this case, especially in connection with learning aspects). An early testing... Read more
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Through a series of pilot applications, open innovation challenges and spin off projects, Europeana Creative will demonstrate that Europeana, an online portal which provides access to over 26 million digitised objects, can provide the creative industries with both inspiration and actual content