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Europeana Creative is a European project which enables and promotes greater re-use of cultural heritage resources by creative industries. Europeana Creative sets the stage for fascinating collaborations between content-providing cultural heritage institutions and creative industries stakeholders in the education, tourism, social networks and design sectors. Follow the development of our inspiring pilot applications and our open innovation challenge events.

Red eCreative

Published on 03/22/2013 - Europeana

Co-Learning, Communities / Networks, Tecnology reappropiation

Contributors: Platoniq

El proyecto europeo eCreative, del que forma parte Platoniq, pretende ampliar la visibilidad, la utilización innovadora e investigar la sostenibilidad de aplicaciones móviles de contenidos digitales abiertos de museos, archivos, exposiciones y otras fuentes documentales por parte de las industrias culturales. La iniciativa, en cuyo consorcio participan 26 instituciones de 14 países miembros de la Unión Europea, está liderada por la Fundación Europeana. Europeana Creative Culture Jam from... Read more
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eCreative workshop

In February 2013 Europeana launched an exciting new project that seeks to promote and facilitate greater re-use of cultural heritage resources. Through a series of pilot applications, open innovation challenges and spin off projects, Europeana Creative will demonstrate that Europeana, an online portal which provides access to over 26 million digitised objects, can provide the creative industries with both inspiration and actual content. - See more at: