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Informal Web-Based Education

Published on 11/29/2008 - Experiences

Co-Learning, Sharing resources, Communities / Networks, ICTs, Analogies of digital

Contributors: Sclipo

Platoniq interviews Gregor Gimmy, from (1) 1. What are the origins of SCLIPO? When did it start? What were the main goals? Sclipo started officially in Jan 2007. I launched a prototype in Nov 2006, which got great feedback from the internet community. I had the idea, built the first prototype and wrote the business plan. I have been involved over many years in internet and education /... Read more
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Sclipo Live Cam

Plataforma de educación online que quiere convertirse en el mejor servicio para que puedan trabajar juntos profesores y alumnos a nivel mundial, primando por encima de todo el servicio que ofrecen a sus usuarios.