Interviews, case studies and reports of experiences, lived by Platoniq or other similar collectives, that can be used as a source of inspiration.
UrbanLabs09 - Caldos

Urban Labs: Tecnociudadanía y Socioinnovación

Self-managementP2P economyCommunities / NetworksTecnology reappropiationICTs

Contributors: Enric Senabre, Platoniq

En la segunda edición de UrbanLabs, las Jornadas sobre Tecnociudadanía y Socioinnovación que organiza anualmente CitiLab-Cornellà, Platoniq propuso una serie de sesiones de trabajo P2P en las que se presentaron proyectos sociales con algún componente de nuevas tecnologías en fase de desarrollo. Tres días para intercambiar experiencias y conocimientos y hacer networking en Citilab-Cornellà en torno a ideas y hechos concretos que muestren cómo la ciudadanía tiene mucho que decir sobre la realidad política, cultural y económica que vivimos, desde los territorios urbanos y digitales que... Read more

Venture Communism

Self-managementP2P economyP2PTecnology reappropiationICTs

Contributors: Telekommunisten

Platoniq interviews Dmytri Kleiner, from Telekommunisten (1) 1. What are the origins of your project? When did it start? What were the main goals? The Telekommunisten project was launched on May 1st, 2006, the main goals of the project to create a worker's collective to serve as the first "venture communist" company, putting into practice the results of my research in to alternative economics. We want to launch a worker-owned company that provides internet and telephone service and earns enough to employ us, provide the financial basis for our political and artistic production as well. We have had one product, Dialstation, in beta-testing all year, and May 1st, 2008, two years after we announced the project, we hope to start to building our user base and working towards... Read more
BCK Seville


Co-LearningCommunities / NetworksTecnology reappropiationICTsAnalogies of digital

Contributors: Teemu Leinonen

Platoniq interviews Teemu Leinonen (1) 1. M-learning-related projects such as MobilED, ShareIdeas and others are operating in pretty much uncharted territory, as the present of mobile communication technologies evolves every few weeks/months. Have you conducted any previous studies on similar enterprises before starting your project or do you prefer to focus on this particular reality?   In our research practice we have several stages.These are: contextual inquiry, participatory design, product design and implementation of software and/or social/technological system as hypothesis. The process is iterative and we understand that in the later stages of the process we always gain more understanding of the topics and activities central in the earlier stages. During the contextual inquiry we... Read more
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Dmytri Kleiner: Dialstation

Cápsula grabada durante el Mercado de Intercambio de Conocimientos Libres, Barcelona 2008. Organizado por Platoniq.