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Sessions on applied creativity, experimental dynamics of co-learning, co-working or collective decision making. Games and methodologies that help to understand how some networks protocols or emblematic digitals tools work. Innovative formats.
Commons Lab. BCK 2008

A Lab without walls

Published on 01/10/2009 - Games and methodologies

Co-Learning, Self-management, Communities / Networks, Games, Legal, Analogies of digital

Contributors: Antonio Lafuente

MediaLabPrado (Madrid) gathers a group of scholar and activists to study how to make visible and understandable the commons. For more than 2 years different approaches have been taken and the main criteria has been collaboration and openess. This approach emulates laboratory practices that is the reason for the name: Commons Lab. Lab It is often said that a family, a hospital, or a river are social laboratories, as they give rise to relations or conflicts that make it possible to understand all or... Read more
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No hay procomún sin comunidad, y viceversa. Pero, ¿a quiénes representan los miembros del laboratorio o, recíprocamente, quién se siente representado por lo que allí se hace? El laboratorio no es una charla de café ni un seminario académico. Su función no es clarificar conceptos, como tampoco lo es hacer amigos o hacer carrera. Sin duda, cumple la función de trabar conexiones entre personas y cosas, ya sean éstas "colaboratores" (co-laboratorio) o usuarios ocasionales, ya sean conceptos, espacios o libros.