Goteo, social network for p2p creative credits

We are putting GOTEO in motion. GOTEO is a digital platform conceived to build a network for the production, micro-financing and distribution of resources for creative-oriented enterprises or individuals, and for the development of social, cultural, educative and tech projects aimed at strengthening the commons. We are researching return mechanisms for this new structure between producers and micro-donors, or towards the public domain. This return can be in the form of money, time (hours of formation or assistance for other projects), or physical products such as open hardware or open designs.

Open communities business models. Chapter 1: Open Hardware

P2P economyTecnology reappropiation

Contributors: Massimo Menichinelli

Since Goteo aims to develope a social network for free culture microfinancing based on the notion of community profit introducing the possibility of returning money in the form of packets of "training" and educational methodogies, FLOSS code or physical products such as open hardware or open design, we have teamed up with to publish a series of articles looking deeper at open communities business models. We start with an overview of Open Hardware which will be followed by 2 posts on Open Craft and Fablabs. Enjoy! Open Hardware Definitions The current Open Source Hardware Draft Definition is... Read more
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