UOF Warsaw Meeting - Francesca Campana


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Contributors: Platoniq

On the 13th and 14th June 2019 Warsaw hosted the third Consortium meeting of the “Universities of the Future”, an Erasmus+ project, that bring together businesses, universities, public authorities and... Read more
Interactivos?'10: Solar Tracking System

Interactivos?'10: Neighbourhood Science

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Contributors: Platoniq

Medialab-Prado presents "Interactivos?'10: Neighborhood Science" digital art exhibition, where the ten prototypes developed by nearly 70 artists, scientifics, teachers, designers and a variety of professionals, students and fun of DIY and DIWO (Do It With Others) will be on showcase. Platoniq was among... Read more
P2P Lab

Laboratorio de estrategias P2P en DF

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Contributors: Platoniq

Todo apunta a que, en un futuro próximo, conectar los modelos "Peer to Peer "(P2P) a los espacios no digitales se convertirá en la lógica central de nuestra sociedad. Un cambio hacia una sociedad sostenible fundada en el P2P estaría basada en una serie de infraestructuras interrelacionadas y un tipo... Read more

El Goog: Workshops about the Internet and Social Networks  |  Vic (Barcelona)

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Workshops: every Thursday, from September 24th to November 26th. Mn. Josep Guiteras Seniors Citizens Day Centre and ACVIC, Centre for Contemporary Arts in Vic (Barcelona). After a research period in Vic, Platoniq's project El Goog... Read more

Chronicle: the Bank of Common Knowledge in Seville

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As you already know, the project BCK visited the Antonio Dominguez Ortiz School last March, within the frame of ZEMOS98 Festival and the Expanded Education Symposium. Along those days, teachers and students put into practice the lines of work defined during the previous months. Here you are the links to the chronicles where... Read more
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Interactivos?'10: Control Mental

Interactivos?'10: Ciencia de barrio