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David Cabo. Fundación Civio 8 de abril a las 19:00 h En la sede de de Palma de Mallorca C/ Forn de l'Olivera 22 bajos - - - - - - Inscripción: 5 euros (aforo limitado a 35 personas) Contacto: - - - - -... Read more

Free Culture Forum | Barcelona

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Organised by Exgae, Networked Politics and the Free Knowledge Institute, the Free Culture Forum took place in Barcelona from October 29th to November 1st of 2009. After exchanging and sharing oppinions during the conferences programme and the work sessions, of whic Platoniq moderated the one dedicated to "Economies, New P2P Models and Distributed Sustainability", the Forum wrote down the "Charter for Innovation, Creativity and... Read more
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