Bank of Common Knowledge Methodologies: Hotel Yeoville | South Africa

Published on 05/15/2009 - News

Self-managementSharing resourcesCommunities / NetworksSocial Innovation

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The so-called by Platoniq P2Pedagogy created with BCK keeps on spreading and arrives to South Africa thanks to Hotel Yeoville, a public in-process project and an online community where people from several African countries exhange useful information and resources. Born in Johannesbourg, the project has developed a social network where users can announce events, look for a job, discuss news, establish professional networks, exchange all kinds of information, etc.

Hotel Yeoville team will apply some of the BCK methodologies to create new information exchange dynamics within the local community. BCK methodologies created by Platoniq will be presented in a documentation exhibition about the Hotel Yeoville project which will take place at one of the Johannesbourg neighbourhoods whith a large immigrant community.
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