Goteo. Microfinanciación

Goteo, social network for distributed financing and creative credits

P2P economyCommunities / NetworksSocial InnovationICTs

Contributors: Platoniq

Goteo (CC microcredits) is an ongoing research on creative currencies and p2p-financing systems. Goteo aims to develope a social network for free culture microfinancing based on the notion of community... Read more
Creative Clash

Creative Clash. Disonancias 09 | Barcelona, Brussels, Stockholm

Co-LearningP2P economyCommunities / NetworksGamesSocial Innovation

Barcelona: November 23rd-24th Brussels: December 9th-10th Stockholm: December 16th-17th Platoniq collaborates with the dynamization of the event Creative Clash, a European seminar on the impact that artists interventions have... Read more

El Goog: Workshops about the Internet and Social Networks  |  Vic (Barcelona)

Co-LearningSelf-managementCommunities / NetworksICTs

Workshops: every Thursday, from September 24th to November 26th. Mn. Josep Guiteras Seniors Citizens Day Centre and ACVIC, Centre for Contemporary Arts in Vic (Barcelona). After a research period in Vic, Platoniq's project El Goog... Read more
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Creative Clash