Interactivos?'10: Neighbourhood Science

Published on 07/13/2010 - News

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Contributors: Platoniq

Interactivos?'10: Solar Tracking System
Medialab-Prado presents "Interactivos?'10: Neighborhood Science" digital art exhibition, where the ten prototypes developed by nearly 70 artists, scientifics, teachers, designers and a variety of professionals, students and fun of DIY and DIWO (Do It With Others) will be on showcase. Platoniq was among the tutors together with Douglas Repetto y el equipo de trabajo formado por Andrés Burbano, Alejandro Araque, Alejandro Duque  y Alejandro Tamayo.
This showcase aims to offer a new and experimental point of view about what you can do with low cost tools applied ot the work with the local environment, urban ecology, citizen collaboration networks, etc.

Visitors will be able to "listen" to satellites surrounding us (Birds Within); research urban water analisys methods (Lilipod); easily create solar powered electronic devices (Open Solar Circuits) and participate in a discarded objects project (re:tag), among others.

Free admission.

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Interactivos?'10: Solar Tracking System

SolarTrackingSystem. Open Solar Circuits.