Ismael Peña-López

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Participate in: Content Assessment Systems, Seminar I+C+i "Liberté, Égalité and P2P" | Barcelona

BCK 2008 - Collective Evaluation
PhD in the Information and Knowledge Society and lecturer at the Open University of Catalonia, School of Law and Political Science, working in the field of Public Policies for Development, with a special focus on ICT (so, ICT4D, digital divide and so)

Degree in Economics and Business Administration. Master in eco-audit and business planning for environment. Knowledge Management Technician. Certificate in Advanced Studies in Administration and Political Sciences.

His main field of interest is double. On one hand, and due to a personal philosophy of life, aspects related to Information and Communication Technologies for Development (ICT4D): e-Readiness, the Digital Divide, ICT in cooperation for development, technologies for NGOs, virtual volunteering, e-Inclusion. Moreover, due to a professional involvement in the subject, aspects related to the virtual training and empowerment: digital training, e-Portfolios, Open Access, Open Science, Access to Knowledge. When they both come together, the combination is perfect.

Founder and director at the UOC's program Cooperation for Development for five years. He is tha publisher of ICTlogy.
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BCK 2008 - Collective Evaluation

Sistemas de evaluación de contenidos. Cápsula grabada en el Mercado de Intercambio de Conocimientos Libres, organizado por Platoniq (Barcelona, 2008).