Massimo Menichinelli

Published on 12/21/2008 - Contributors

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Massimo Menichinelli
Massimo Menichinelli is a designer working and researching on open collaborative projects and the systems that design them since 2005. He's interested in: Co-Design Methodologies, Tools and Processes; Open, Collaborative and User-driven Innovation;  Open and Distributed Organizations and Business Models;  Fabbing technologies and Open Manufacturing Systems; Social and Technological Innovations for cities and regions.
He collaborates with the P2P Foundation, Politecnico di Milano, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC), and he is a phd candidate at the Media Lab Helsinki (Aalto University).

He also publishes articles and books within the project, a community for the research and design for open, complex and collaborative projects, systems and processes. He has participated to conferences and has given lectures and workshops in Italy, Spain, Finland, South Korea, Singapore.
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Visual notes taken by Annalena from MakerBot's presentation at Republica.