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Between 2014 and 2017, we co-organised three editions of the IdeaCamp together with our partners from the Connected Action for the Commons Network and the European Cultural Foundation. The 2017 Idea Camp, co-produced by platoniq, brought together 50 Idea Makers from 24 countries across Europe and its neighbouring regions. During three days, participants nurtured and up-skilled their ideas with the ambition to counteract anti-democratic practices and bring forward voices excluded from public debate and decision-making. They worked with the support of a group of guest Idea Feeders, and Facilitators trained by Platoniq
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As partners of the Connected Action for Public Space programme promoted by the European Cultural Foundation, we at Platoniq would like to introduce the rest of the hubs which whom we are sharing activities and networked actions for a more open, accessible and wide spread European culture. Lets meet them through a set of questions and answers: *Contains information originally published in the European Cultural Foundation dedicated website. Culture 2 Commons (Croatia), with Miljenka Buljević Tell us about your organisation: what do you do, who are you? Culture 2 Commons (C2C) is composed of three Zagreb-based civil society organisations: Clubture, a national collaborative platform of independent cultural organisations; Operation City, an alliance of independent cultural and youth organisations focused on advocating change within the institutional... Read more
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The first six partner organisations (hubs) of ECF’s came together in Amsterdam from Croatia, France, Moldova, Poland, Spain and Sweden in May 2014. The Hubs are working on establishing and advocating for a new set of democratic best practices in Europe for cultural organisations to engage with communities and culture. Together with the hubs, ECF wants to illuminate these alternative democratic models on a European level.