Co-creation made Agile Workshop at THE ARTS+ Lab. Frankfurt Book Fair

Published on 10/01/2016 - Digital Heritage

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Contributors: Platoniq

Come to THE ARTS+ Fair at the Frankfurt Book Fair, the most prestigious in Europe which, between 19 and 23 October, will gather 270,000 professionals and 7,500 exhibitors from all over the world. Platoniq will be conducting a workshop to explore Co-creation Made #Agile methodology for co-designing and incubating designs of viable apps reusing Europe’s cultural heritage and business models for #culturalheritage. We will also be showing some of our new tools!

THE ARTS+ (an area especially designed and commissioned to explore markets for digital creative products) includes three different spaces,THE ARTS+ Salon, THE ARTS+ Runway and THE ARTS+ Lab. Conversations will focus on Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), 3D printing in fashion and architecture, and Virtual Reality (VR) in museums and urban planning.

Platoniq will be at THE ARTS+ Lab -its natural environment-, running together with Europeana Labs a three day workshop, for students from European design schools, in the programme “The Unexploited Content of Cultural Institutions”.

On the first day, students will be able to experiment with Europeana data and they will co-produce prototypes, putting together data with ideas. We will be presenting the design thinking tools we have produced to help participants develop viable business models for their pilots. And, as usual in our workshops, on the third day we will finish the Europeana Labs experience with a pitching skills training session and project presentations to a jury of selected investors and finance consultants.

The investor panel will evaluate these ideas and help with preparing for the next growth stages. The expert training sessions and the investor forum are organised in cooperation with the pan-European investor network Media Deals.

At the European fair of business and creativity, ARTE + is an interdisciplinary and interactive space, open to developing and showing business models using digital cultural data and a platform to reach out to potential partners.

If you wish to attend THE ARTS+ Conference you will need a Conference Ticket, which covers all-day attendance at the conference as well as five days access to both THE ARTS+ Fair and the Frankfurt Book Fair. If you’d like a 20% special Europeana discount on the ticket price, order your tickets with the promotional code THEARTSPLUS2016_EUROPEANA
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A one day conference and five day fair on The Business of Creativity.
This year's location at Frankfurt Book Fair offers additional access to 270.000 professionals, 10.000 journalists and 7.500 exhibitors from all over the world.