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Cards on the table
CASINNOVATION is an innovative workshop method using creative techniques and materials to quickly evaluate the impact of creative and artistic interventions on innovation processes in organizations. Dramaturgy of the session follows the rules of Casino Games to share ideas and concepts, in which any member of the group can and must invert symbolic currency made of magnets. One of these games is the Roleplay Poker in which business cards of the players are used to accomplish missions in their organization using a conceptual map and "trivial" case scenarios. Another funny part of the workshop is the Creative Roulette which allows players to invert in creativity processes and think quick and forward, just as creatives do.

CASINNOVATION has been conceived for "Creative Clash", a series of European encounters organized by DISONANCIAS, TILLT y el WZB (Social Science Research Center Berlin).

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Cards on the table

Ponerse en el lugar del otro a través de la narración de escenarios imaginarios y experiencias vividas (obstáculos, herramientas, programas de innovación, errores cometidos). Conocer y ubicar a las personas presentes a partir de las competencias que tienen en su organización y de sus relaciones con otras organizaciones. Ayudar a reducir la abstracción y hacer aflorar retos de la organización o de las personas presentes.