BCK Workshop: We are the search engines! | Karlsruhe

March 10th to March 13th. ZKM Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe (Germany). www.zkm.de Within the framework of the travelling exhibition "Banquet_nodes networks", the Bank of Common Knowledge will present in ZKM the workshop We Are the Search Engines! Read more

Knowledge Exchange Market | Girona

March 7th: 16.00-21.00 h. Bòlit La Rambla, Girona. www.bolit.cat Platoniq will set up a Knowledge Exchange Market in Girona next Saturday. Some of the knowledge offers that will be presented are: how to assemble a computer piece by piece, how to start up your own net radio, the responsability of receiving knowledge, advices on domestic economics, Spring nutrition according to Chinese medicine... You are invited to join us and participate! Read more

El Goog | Vic

February 27th to May 17th. ACVIC Centre for Contemporary Arts, Vic. www.acvic.org "El Goog" (The tracker) is the newest of Platoniq's projects, born from its previous experience on citizen participation and knowledge and resources exchange. "El Goog" goes dowtown to generate new ways of recycling resources and significant or endangered knowledge. The tracker aims to test the effectiveness of social networks when put into practice on a city's physical context. Workshops, games and actions will be organized all around Vic to establish analogies between the activities and the new ways... Read more

Bank of Common Knowledge | Girona

February 6th to April 19th. Girona, Bòlit - Centre for Contemporary Art. Collective exhibition "Left to your own devices" and BCK market. www.bolit.cat Bòlit, the Centre for Contemporary Art in Girona, began to programme its first activities in October of 2008. Bòlit aims to develope research, production and exhibition for contemporary artistic projects. Platoniq joins the collective exhibition "Left to your own devices" by displaying the BCK's archive and setting up a... Read more

Bank of Common Knowledge and S.O.S | Berlin

January 23rd to 31st. Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin. Club Transmediale - Festival for Adventurous Music and Related Visual Arts As seen in the 09 Festival theme Structures Backing-Up Independent Audio-visual Cultures, this year Club Transmediale has decided to provide a platform for interdisciplinary exchange and bring together protagonists from various scenes from the independent music an media culture worlds. Structures aims to encourage debate from several different perspectives... Read more
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