Empodera: e-STAS 2010

Co-LearningCommunities / NetworksSocial InnovationICTs

Contributors: Platoniq

Platoniq estará en e-STAS 2010, el Simposio de las Tecnologías para la Acción Social y el Empoderamiento Ciudadano. Del 10 al 11 de marzo de 2010, en el Teatro Echegaray de Málaga. El evento está organizado por la Fundación Cibervoluntarios. Compartiremos y conoceremos iniciativas desarrolladas por personas, colectivos sociales, ONGs, empresas, administraciones públicas, universidades… En... Read more
Creative Clash

Creative Clash. Disonancias 09 | Barcelona, Brussels, Stockholm

Co-LearningP2P economyCommunities / NetworksGamesSocial Innovation

Barcelona: November 23rd-24th Brussels: December 9th-10th Stockholm: December 16th-17th Platoniq collaborates with the dynamization of the event Creative Clash, a European seminar on the impact that artists interventions have... Read more

Free Culture Forum | Barcelona

P2P economyCommunities / NetworksLegalP2PTecnology reappropiationICTs

Organised by Exgae, Networked Politics and the Free Knowledge Institute, the Free Culture Forum took place in Barcelona from October 29th to November 1st of 2009. After exchanging and sharing oppinions during the conferences programme and the work sessions, of whic Platoniq moderated the one dedicated to "Economies, New P2P Models and Distributed Sustainability", the Forum wrote down the "Charter for Innovation, Creativity and... Read more

El Goog: Workshops about the Internet and Social Networks  |  Vic (Barcelona)

Co-LearningSelf-managementCommunities / NetworksICTs

Workshops: every Thursday, from September 24th to November 26th. Mn. Josep Guiteras Seniors Citizens Day Centre and ACVIC, Centre for Contemporary Arts in Vic (Barcelona). After a research period in Vic, Platoniq's project El Goog... Read more

Bank of Common Knowledge Methodologies: Hotel Yeoville | South Africa

Self-managementSharing resourcesCommunities / NetworksSocial Innovation

The so-called by Platoniq P2Pedagogy created with BCK keeps on spreading and arrives to South Africa thanks to Hotel Yeoville, a public in-process project and an online community where people from several African countries exhange useful information and resources. Born in Johannesbourg, the project has developed a social network where... Read more
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