UOF Warsaw Meeting - Francesca Campana


On the 13th and 14th June 2019 Warsaw hosted the third Consortium meeting of the “Universities of the Future”, an Erasmus+ project, that bring together businesses, universities, public authorities and students to address the existing gap in the current offer in Higher Education and co-create... Llegir més
Open Heritage Participatory Process Canvas

Exploring how to repurpose marginalized heritage sites participatively: OpenHeritage

¿Te puedes imaginar una zona industrial abandonada, que los residentes quieren convertir en una escuela comunitaria? Piensa en un parque frecuentado por jóvenes, pequeños productores... Llegir més
Culturelabs master chefs

Platoniq hosting the Culture Labs ignition workshop: co-designing the journey together

Last 3rd and 4th of July, in Barcelona, participants of the European project CultureLabs gathered in an intense and productive two day workshop at the huge ex-industrial-now-cultural “creation... Llegir més
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Open Heritage Participatory Process Canvas

“Design your participatory process”.
This dynamic supported participants in defining the different phases of their participatory process, placing them along an orientative timeline.

The set cards provided along with the canvas prompted a series of suggested steps and resources (the “participatory spaces”) which could be deployed through a participatory process. For example, these included “Processes”, “Assemblies”, “Consultations” or “Initiatives”. The methodology allowed participants to go into further details of the process, specifying what feature components could be useful (and activated through a digital participation platform to support the process digitally). These included: “Proposals”, “Voting”, “Meeting”, “Participatory budgets”, “Debates” and “Surveys”.