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Felipe Fonseca. BCK 2008
MetaReciclagem is an open network formed by people located in different parts of Brazil and abroad. Its members develop decentralized projects and actions that seek the appropriation of technology and media production by using a participatory methodology that promotes education, social engagement and innovation. They managed to start up more than a dozen of autonomous low-tech laboratories and many other independent projects sponsored by the government.

The MetaReciclagem project aims to recycle computers in order to equip them with open source software and deliver them to community centers. They are involved with more than 100 cultural points that are being developed by the Ministry of Culture. As a decentralized network, MetaReciclagem works with various communities throughout Brazil, in addition to what they call “spores” (metarecycling centers) and conecTAZes (projects that benefit from reappropriated technology).

MetaReciclagem has received a mention of honour at the Prix Ars Electronica festival (Linz, Austria, 2006) and at APC Betinho Prize (Montevideo, Uruguay, 2005) and a research grant in 2004, as part of the platform Waag / Sarai.
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Felipe Fonseca. BCK 2008

Felipe Fonseca (MetaReciclagem). Mercado de Intercambio de Conocimientos, organizado por Platoniq. Barcelona, 2008.