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Sessions on applied creativity, experimental dynamics of co-learning, co-working or collective decision making. Games and methodologies that help to understand how some networks protocols or emblematic digitals tools work. Innovative formats.
Game P2P vs Web 2.0

P2P versus Web 2.0 - Network Economics: The Game

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CONCEPT / GOAL / OBJECTIVES When we use our computers and digital networks to send information it seems to go instantaneously from the sender to the receiver, so frequently we do not think about the path it takes, or the political and economic implications of this path. From the late seventies to the early nineties networked communications for most people meant being a paying customer of an "online service" - the most prominent of these was CompuServe. Using such a service meant that CompuServe, a private company, had full control of your communication - including who you could communicate... Read more
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Game P2P vs Web 2.0

Este juego quiere dar una perspectiva de distintos modelos económicos y sociales de comunicación en red, para concienciar acerca de sus diferencias y/o similitudes, basándose en distintos momentos de la historia de Internet. Un juego concebido para el Segundo Mercado de Intercambio de Conocimientos, organizado por Platoniq (Barcelona, 2008).