Open Heritage Participatory Process Canvas

Exploring how to repurpose marginalized heritage sites participatively: OpenHeritage

Imagine a former industrial site now abandoned, that local residents want to convert into a community school! Imagine a park that is used on a daily basis by local young people, local organic... Read more
Decide Main

Crowdvocacy: bridging political participation, digital campaigning platforms, and civic crowdfunding

The positive reception among citizens and the great expectation generated by the digital... Read more
Someone out there?


Platoniq es una organización con más de 15 años de experiencia en facilitar procesos ágiles de cooperación e innovación social por medio de dinámicas, talleres, metodologías y herramientas digitales para introducir cambios culturales en organizaciones, instituciones, cooperativas o... Read more
Culturelabs master chefs

Platoniq hosting the Culture Labs ignition workshop: co-designing the journey together

Last 3rd and 4th of July, in Barcelona, participants of the European project CultureLabs gathered in an intense and productive two day workshop at the huge ex-industrial-now-cultural “creation... Read more
Tree of agreements

Sharing cultural heritage to promote participation: Culture Labs has taken off

Can institutions, community members and culture go hand in hand to improve connections in society? Are public bodies capable of merging with civil organisations and cultural institutions to... Read more
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Someone out there?

Methodology: Participants are invited to select select main beneficiaries, trying to identify specific people (point persons), rather than bigger umbrella institutions. The canvas invites to categorize the beneficiaries under different fields of activity (Urbanism, Health, Culture/Heritage, Inclusion / Employment, Education and Civil & Human Rights. The easier to reach beneficiaries would appear close to the center of the canvas, while the harder to reach beneficiaries are located in the outer concentric circles.