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The good reception of digital platforms for citizen participation launched by the municipalities of Madrid and Barcelona –Decide and Decidim– have made evident the need to continue stimulating and accompanying the transition towards civic participation through online platforms. Our commitment seeks to transfer the experience of Platoniq in co-creation methodologies and its civic crowdfunding platform to devise improvements in the "engagement" and community experience in both platforms.
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Crowdvocacy: bridging political participation, digital campaigning platforms, and civic crowdfunding

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The positive reception among citizens and the great expectation generated by the digital platforms for citizen participation of the municipalities of Madrid and Barcelona - Decide and Decidim - highlight the need to strengthen this form of direct democracy. At the same time, only a very small number of proposals currently have the projection and visibility necessary to achieve a sufficient mass of... Read more


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The Platoniq team is very excited because we have started working in an area that we love but that we still did not have the opportunity to delve in depth in: democratic participation. We have also started working with an unbeatable partner, Decide Madrid, the participation project of the Madrid City Council, which is also behind the development of Consul - with replicas in more than 30 cities around the world. The goal of our work is to provide the experience of Platoniq in co-creation methodologies and collective financing processes in order to devise improvements in one of the specific tools of Decide Madrid: the citizen... Read more
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