Sharing cultural heritage to promote participation: Culture Labs has taken off

Published on 06/01/2018 - Digital Heritage

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Can institutions, community members and culture go hand in hand to improve connections in society? Are public bodies capable of merging with civil organisations and cultural institutions to develop well-directed projects? How can communities, especially those at risk of exclusion, benefit from the interaction with and use of cultural heritage (and contribute to it)? What role can cultural heritage have in the inclusion programs of community organizations and authorities?
These are some of the questions the new exciting project Platoniq is currently working on could answer: Culture Labs seeks to foster social inclusion through the use and reuse of cultural heritage across six different European countries. Platoniq takes part of a wonderful consortium together with the Institute of Communication and Computer Systems of the National Technical University of Athens; Sheffield Hallam University; SingularLogic S.A.; People’s History Museum; Museovirasto - National Board of Antiquities; Fondazione Sistema Toscana; COOSS Marche Onlus, social cooperative, and the European Forum for Migration studies; all working towards the ideation of a method in which specific co-creation ways of working are adapted to the context of social innovation in the management of cultural heritage.

The goal of the project is to create a digital and participatory infrastructure enabling heritage institutions such as libraries, museums, theatres, etc. to work together with communities from immigrant, refugees or migrant backgrounds, to share cultural heritage and tailor participative projects for different audiences, related to cultural heritage (from crowdsourcing and co-creation workshops to community-led exhibitions or exchange and dialogue programs). Platoniq is looking forward to bringing its experience and expertise in co creation and participation in cultural heritage to the project. Our role will be providing the backbone that allows users of the platform to co-create a project’s “recipes” through the provision of “ingredients” (resources, methods, examples of existing uses of Cultural Heritage for social inclusion...) through the easy and very own Wotify methodologies, which will be used in the projects’ varied co-creation workshops.

As Luigina Ciolfi, Professor of Human Centred Computing at Sheffield Hallam University (one our project partners), said: "This is a new approach to social engagement with new citizens and it's about sharing information and culture both ways; with new residents learning the cultural heritages of their new homes and sharing information about their own history with their new communities. CultureLabs will support participation in culture.” "The primary focus will be on approaches that build positive awareness about communities’ own heritage and memories, and engage their members as bearers and producers of culture.”

To this end, the European commission funded platform will support the development of participatory projects through multiple resources which include “guidelines, methodologies, digital tools, existing community engagement projects, as well as novel ideas and approaches that can facilitate social innovation in culture”, and with it, the use of cultural heritage will be promoted as an instrumental force for social innovation, with a focus on the empowerment of community initiatives of cultural heritage, social inclusion, intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding.
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