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Europeana Creative is a European project which enables and promotes greater re-use of cultural heritage resources by creative industries. Europeana Creative sets the stage for fascinating collaborations between content-providing cultural heritage institutions and creative industries stakeholders in the education, tourism, social networks and design sectors. Follow the development of our inspiring pilot applications and our open innovation challenge events.
Europeana Labs Business Model

Europeana Labs: nuevo portal para generar apps en torno al legado cultural europeo

Published on 08/21/2014 - Europeana

P2P economy, Communities / Networks, Tecnology reappropiation, ICTs, Europeana

Contributors: Enric Senabre

Europeana Labs es una nueva plataforma de incubación abierta que ofrece todo lo necesario para empezar a usar las API de Europeana y así poder desarrollar aplicaciones reutilizando objetos... Read more
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Europeana Labs Business Model

A playground for remixing and using your cultural and scientific heritage.
A place for inspiration, innovation and sharing.