Seminar I+C+i "Liberté, Égalité and P2P" | Barcelona

Published on 03/28/2009 - News

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Contributors: Ismael Peña-López, Michel Bauwens, Platoniq

Ismael Peña-López
March 31st, 19:00 hours. Mirador Room, CCCB - Centre for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona. Free access.

Platoniq's lecture will be presented at the CCCB, which organizes yearly a series of lectures called I+C+i, Research and Innovation within the Cultural Field. Platoniq intends to talk about how significant P2P networks are for the cultural and economics spheres.

The P2P (Peer-to-Peer) file-sharing networks go beyond the use that is generally made of these new technologies (music and films exchanges). They are essentially based on shared power and a widely distributed access to resources in a participative design of social processes where nobody is excluded. Everything seems to aim that exporting the P2P model to non-digital spaces will become the core logic of our societies in the near future.

Platoniq has invited Michel Bauwens, CEO and founder at the P2P Foundation and lecturer at the Dhurakij Pundit University; and Ismael Peña-López (, lecturer at the Open University of Catalonia, School of Law and Political Science, working in the field of Public Policies for Development, with a special focus on ICT. The conversation between them will be moderated by Olivier Schulbaum (Platoniq) and it will try to respond to the following questions: Are we prepared to produce equal-to-equal culture and create common values? Can we demand a peer-to-peer government? Will we be able to hold the peer-to-peer property and defend the common value versus the private appropiation?

You can send your questions to You can also follow up the lecture at (use the tag "#leP2P" for comments and questions) and at Open Server (we will broadcast -video and audio streaming- from the conference room).
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Ismael Peña-López

Doctor en Sociedad de la Información y el Conocimiento y profesor de la Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC). Editor de ICTlogy.