Actors and collectives related with Platoniq's philosophy and practice who collaborated or are still collaborating with us. Thanks to Contributors, Youcoop's ecosystem is sustainable and its field of action is always full of new ideas.
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Published on 01/08/2009 - Contributors

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Participate in: Goteo, taller de financiación distribuida. CCCB, Starting the Evaluation of eCreative Pilots, Charla sobre Datos Abiertos y periodismo de datos, ¿Cansado de sólo contemplar cuadros? ¡Pues métete en ellos!, #CallForIdeas: abierta la convocatoria para Idea Camp 2017: Moving Communities

Platoniq is an international non-profit organization made up of cultural producers and software developers based in Barcelona since 2001, pioner in the production and distribution of copyleft culture. Since 2001, they carry out activities... Read more
Massimo Menichinelli

Massimo Menichinelli

Published on 12/21/2008 - Contributors

P2P economyTecnology reappropiation

Participate in: Open communities business models. Chapter 1: Open Hardware

Massimo Menichinelli is a designer working and researching on open collaborative projects and the systems that design them since 2005. He's interested in: Co-Design Methodologies, Tools and Processes; Open, Collaborative and User-driven Innovation;  Open and Distributed Organizations and Business Models;  Fabbing technologies and Open Manufacturing... Read more
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eCreative 2015

The aim of the Europeana Creative Design Challenge is to engage designers, artists, developers and entrepreneurs to explore and experiment with with cultural heritage content available in Europeana. We challenge ingenious minds and makers to rethink and redesign our common culture, and produce innovative and novel interpretations that make use of digital cultural content and data sourced from Europeana.

The challenge opened on the 30th October 2014 and online submissions are welcome until 15th January, 2015