Learning from history to co-create our future

Let's build apps and 3d prototypes, reusing Public domain arts and history collections! Platoniq, a Europeana Labs associate, developed a Co-creation methodology in collaboration with the Europeana Foundation to promote the reuse of European cultural heritage resources by makers communities. Our practical sessions have been adapted using various techniques and principles from creative thinking, rapid prototyping and agile development.
Europeana Fashion set

Treasure Hunt: Find 12 Re-usable "Buried Treasures" in your Fashion Collection

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Contributors: Platoniq

Have you ever pronounced ‘Rijkmuseum’ correctly? Take the opportunity and try, because we’re on our way! On April 20th, Platoniq, in collaboration with the Europeana Fashion Association and Europeana, is offering a co-creation workshop in this fabulous Dutch arts museum in Amsterdam, in the framework of the Europeana DSI project. We’ll collectively search for different uses and re-uses of digital heritage in the field of fashion and cultural heritage. Together, we'll create prototypes during the workshop, focusing on... Read more
Sketch of a dress. Zora Živadinovic Davidovic

Europeana Fashion Co-creation workshop at Rijksmuseum

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Contributors: Platoniq

On April 20th, in the fantastic venue of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, Europeana Fashion is organising a co-creation workshop in collaboration with the Europeana Foundation, Platoniq and Rijksmuseum. This will take place right before the two-day international fashion conference "Fashion in museums: past, present & future”, that will also take place in Amsterdam. We’re looking for innovative and adventurous designers, coders, cultural managers, artists, creatives, IT and marketing experts to take up the challenge of engaging with fashion institutions both GLAMs -... Read more
Charles Dickens is my name I'm @Europeanaeu

I am @europeanaeu: find your hero(ine) in @Europeanaeu


Contributors: Platoniq

From Asta Nielsen to Zoroaster, there are lots of famous faces from history in Europeana. Old, young, familiar or sometimes even forgotten. But who inspires you, and why? We want you to tell us, from today, in any language you like, who your cultural hero or heroine in Europeana is and why you picked them using ‘I am @Europeanaeu’ and the hashtag #AllezCulture! We hope this initiative will enhance people’s awareness of Europeana and increase the interest of funders, thereby contributing to our sustainability. When you’ve picked your heroine or hero, you could illustrate it with... Read more

#LimonaData con Vangoyourself y Europeana. Patrimonio Cultural y Datos Abiertos

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Contributors: Platoniq

Vuelven las sesiónes #LimonaData en la sede de Palma de Mallorca de Goteo para seguir celebrando la llegada de la primavera. En esta ocasión, la rica limonada natural 100% artesanal y ecológica acompañará a Jane Finnis (Culture24), Jill Cousins (Fundación Europeana) y Enric Senabre (Platoniq) Aprovechamos la visita de Jill Cousins, Directora de Europeana y Jane Finnis, Directora de Culture24 para invitarte a la presentación de VanGoYourself, un ejemplo fantástico de cómo el... Read more
eCreative Cards

Otro reto creativo: enriquecer colecciones abiertas de audio para redes sociales

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¿Cómo ayudar a geolocalizar y enriquecer fácilmente sonidos de aves, aviones y sonidos urbanos y luego compartirlos a través de redes sociales? Si te suena interesante, sigue leyendo sobre cómo se está desarrollando una aplicación así, y cómo participar con ideas similares en la segunda ronda de desafíos creativos de Europeana Creative. Prototipo en desarrollo Como otro proyecto piloto de eCreative, estamos desarrollando un prototipo que utilizando la cartografía y herramientas de línea de tiempo de Historypin... Read more
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