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eCreative 2015
Platoniq is an international non-profit organization made up of cultural producers and software developers based in Barcelona since 2001, pioner in the production and distribution of copyleft culture. Since 2001, they carry out activities and projects where the social uses of ICTs and networking are applied to enhance communication, self-training and citizens organisation. Their work generates innovative software applications and methodologies, in addition to an extensive free-licensed audiovisual archive on the Internet.

This collective has been associated to the Center for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona since 2003. During the last years, their project Burn Station (2004) has been awarded by the Transitio Festival (Mexico DF) and by the Transmediale Digital Culture Festival (Berlin). It has also won a mention of honour in the UNESCO Digital Arts Awards.

Among their projects, we can also find the Bank of Common Knowledge (2006), a knowledge exchange platform; the public streaming server, OpenServer; the organisation of temporary media labs, Media Space Invadres (2003-2004); and the creation of the first copyleft license within the Spanish legal framework, Unconditional Air (2004), which was applied to the contents of the exhibition with the same name produced by Platoniq at the Shedhalle Art Center of Zurich.

Platoniq has been a pioner in the design of citizen emacipation and social innovation tools, which have been presented at innovation congresses and digital culture festivals and have been set off in organisations such as the Basque Mondragon Group and several educational spaces around Europe, Asia and Latin America.
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eCreative 2015

The aim of the Europeana Creative Design Challenge is to engage designers, artists, developers and entrepreneurs to explore and experiment with with cultural heritage content available in Europeana. We challenge ingenious minds and makers to rethink and redesign our common culture, and produce innovative and novel interpretations that make use of digital cultural content and data sourced from Europeana.

The challenge opened on the 30th October 2014 and online submissions are welcome until 15th January, 2015