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Published on 01/13/2009 - Contributors

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Designing for Civil Society
David Wilcox is a journalist who has been fully involved in social and community technology during the last decade. Currently, their main interest is finding new ways to help people to communicate and engage with organization and communities through the use of social software and creative events.
He is a blogger at Social Reporter and a consultant on effective uses of social media for non-profit organizations and individuals. Her specialty is the use of new web tools (such as blogging, tagging, wikis, photo sharing, video blogging, social networks and virtual words websites, etc.) to support non-profit organizations and projects.
David is the co-author of "social by social", a practical guide to using new technologies to deliver social impact.
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Designing for Civil Society

Designing for Civil Society is an organization created by David Wilcox and Drew Mackie, who work together in the production of projects and community involvement since 1980, always engaged in the development of games and ludic seminars and workshops. Currently their interests are finding ways to help people to connect and get involved with community organization by using social software and creative events.