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Elgoog. The game
Elgoog (The Tracker) is a versatile simulation game designed to be adaptable to different contexts. In a simplified and didactic way, it reproduces several scenarios that emulate both real and imaginary experiences, so players can think of ficticious situations that can shed light on an organization's problems and obstacles. It also can represent new situations, so participants can learn to solve them in a cooperative way by contributing with new ideas, connections and collaborators still to be had into account.

Participants must play roles that involve different degrees of cooperation or rivalry, and solve challenges by means of making decisions that will affect the situation being discussed. The game stage may discover several factors that interfere (natural, social, cultural...), as well as many of participants' values, interests, attitudes and behaviours. Elgoog creates scenarios for a interdisciplinary cooperation.
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Elgoog. The game

Elgoog es un juego o simulador recientemente diseñado por Platoniq para utilizarse como herramienta o dinámica en sesiones de trabajo con miembros de una organización o varias (empresas o entidades sin ánimo de lucro). Tiene el objetivo de traducir, de manera visual, el contexto de la organización para mejorarlo en grupo, aportando al dibujo de dicho contexto ideas, conexiones y colaboradores nuevos con los que aún no se estaba contando.